Symon Enterprise Service, CIC, and longest call waiting

Symon Enterprise Service (SES) version 9.0 does not support the ‘time’ data type in the I3 Collector.   Instead of showing the longest call waiting (LCW) for CIC ACD queues, SES displays either a 0 or -2,147,483,648. That long number is -231, indicating a programming error. The Symon tech support ticket took a while to work its way to a developer with this reply:

Based on how the “date” data type fields display themselves directly in our back-end database (see attached screen shot), the developer believes that it is the API actually returning that -2147483648 value.  If that’s the case (and he says that confirms it), then there’s nothing more we can do with that on our end, and you’ll need to investigate where in the API it’s messing up those dates.

The final word from Symon nine months ago (December 2008) is:

On the heels of my previous email, we will also be investigating this further with Interactive Intelligence to see if we can work out a resolution to that issue.

Then, silence from Symon.

I believe it was also in this support ticket Symon admitted the I3 data collector has a “memory leak” and recommend restarting it every two weeks. The data collector frequently had issues, so this wasn’t a surprise. (The data collector often hangs when it loses connectivity to the CIC server, which happened commonly to use during normal server maintenance.)

I don’t like to babysit servers, so I wrote a batch file to restart the SES services:

@echo off

REM Script to restart services for Symon Enterprise Service (SES) version 9
REM Because they often hang because of a memory leak (or something like that)

EventCreate /L APPLICATION /T INFORMATION /D "Commencing restart of Symon services" /ID 1

net stop /y SymonLicenseServer
call :sleep 5

ECHO Sometimes the PortalSVC dependency hangs.  If it is hung, kill it.  If it
ECHO wasn't hung, then the following commands would do nothing.
taskkill /f /im portalsvc.exe
NET STOP /y SymonLicenseServer
call :sleep 5

net stop /y PortalSvcDB
call :sleep 5

sc start PortalSvcDB
call :sleep 5

sc start SES
call :sleep 5

sc start Symon2000Server
call :sleep 5

sc start ComposerSvc
call :sleep 5

goto :EOF

:: sleep for x number of seconds
ping -n %1 > NUL 2>&1
goto :EOF

EventCreate /L APPLICATION /T INFORMATION /D "Completed restart of Symon services" /ID 2

Like other things, this script sometimes causes Symon’s I3 data collector to hang. This requires deactivating it and reactivating it in the Portal Admin. I asked Symon, and there is no way to automate that. Therefore, the script is not worth much.

As I wrote this post, I was surprised to find SES version 9.2 does support the longest call waiting, yet I am using the same basically the same ClientCOM (CIC API). It’s not perfectly clear what fixed it: a few months ago I upgraded the Symon server from SES 9.0 to 9.2, and since we also upgraded from CIC 2.4 SU 28 (IIRC) to SU 35. At least it works.


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