Interaction Screen Recorder confuses NT authentication for other CIC clients

Interaction Screen Recorder intermittently confuses NT (implicit) authentication for other CIC clients.


Interaction Recorder Client shows this fatal error on startup:

Could not connect to the Interaction Recorder Server.  Reason:Interaction Recorder Client: User ID ICScreenRecorder does not indicate a valid user

Another symptom is the user may complain Interaction Administrator has limited privileges, and he cannot access any containers.

A third symptom is the user complains in Interaction Supervisor all his pages (“reports”) are missing and he cannot add them again.  Looking closer at the title bar, it reads, “User: ICScreenRecorder.”  This is likely to happen when Supervisor starts automatically (as with a shortcut in the Startup folder).


Interaction Screen Recorder Client authenticates under its own user account.  When the user logs in to Windows, there is a race condition: if Interaction Screen Recorder Client authenticates first, then its credentials are cached causing issues for other CIC clients.

(By the way, you may notice that Interaction Screen Recorder Client installs what seems like a whole set of duplicate files to C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\InteractionScreenRecorderClient\.)


These are some potential solutions:

  1. In Task Manager, kill the process I3ACA.EXE to flush cached credentials.  Then, open the CIC client.
  2. Tell the CIC client to use manual authentication instead of NT authentication.  Taking Interaction Supervisor as an example and assuming the user’s CIC account name is bob, create a shortcut like this:
    C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\SupervisorA.exe /u=bob
  3. Edit C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\InteractionScreenRecorderClient\config.xml and remove any XML nodes like these (though the password may differ):
    <parameter name="username" value="ICScreenRecorder"/>
    <parameter name="password" value="1234"/>
  4. Uninstall Interaction Screen Recorder Client.

Affected systems

Custom Interaction Center (CIC) version 2.4 SU 29 by Interactive Intelligence, Inc.


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