Workflow menu missing in Interaction Scripter

Interaction Scripter may be missing the workflow menu entirely. This issue isn’t that there are no workflows available, but that the menu bar skips from File to Help.

There is an easy solution. For a single workstation, run the following command to register the DLL:

regsvr32.exe “C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\PredictiveDialCOM2A.dll”

If all Interaction Scripter installations at the site suffer this issue, edit the client installation manifest d:\I3\IC\AutoClientUpdates\Interaction Scripter\Interaction The old file looks like this:

<MANIFEST date="04/29/2008 12:00:00" uuid="5E43086B-FD52-4CF1-BC91-70769877111B" hotfix="Interaction Scripter" target-app="InteractionScripterA.exe" app-key="Interaction Scripter">
	<FILE name="I3BaseScripterA.dll" loc="$(I3_PRODUCT)"/>
	<FILE name="PredictiveDialCOM2A.dll" loc="$(I3_PRODUCT)">
		<CMD cmd="regsvr32 /s PredictiveDialCOM2A.dll"/>
	<FILE name="mscal.ocx" loc="$(I3_PRODUCT)">
	<FILE name="InteractionScripterA.exe" loc="$(I3_PRODUCT)"/>
	<FILE name="isc.chm" loc="$(I3_PRODUCT)\Documentation" KeyPath="yes"/>
	<FILE name="scr.chm" loc="$(I3_PRODUCT)\Documentation"/>

Simply replace the whole line with regsvr32 to this:


We had this issue after upgrading from CIC 2.3.1 to CIC 2.4 SU 29.


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