Third party software bundled in CIC

As I fought with a spell checker issue, I discovered CIC 2.4 bundles a treasure trove of third-party applications.  While I knew CIC bundled a few (such as Crystal Reports), I had no idea how many I could find.  Also, I am surprised to find certain software in CIC: what exactly does PayPal have to do with a telephony system?  Finally, this hunt reaffirmed that liberally-licensed open source software can be found in big, proprietary applications.

Interaction Client Win32

Interaction Client Win32 admits to bundling LeadTools (which makes Imaging SDKs), Caere for OCR, IBM, and Apache.

Screenshot of about dialog for Interaction Client Win32 edition (CIC 2.4)

Interaction Client .NET

Interaction Client .NET makes similar claims and mentions DevAgeSourcePack (a .NET library under a MIT-style license).

Interaction Client NET 24 about dialog

Other client files

Poking around in the file system reveals even more.

  1. C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\zlib1.dll credits Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler.
  2. PFProCOMSetup.exe is Payflow Pro COM Client Installation Program by Paypal
  3. Cgrm_en.dll is English TruVoice TTS by Centigram Communications Corp.
  4. INETWH32.dll is by Blue Sky Software
  5. HHActiveX.dll, ROBOEX32.dll are RoboHelp HTML by eHelp
  6. libnspr3.dll, libplc3.dll, libplds3.dll are by Netscape Communications
  7. GWAddressBook.ocx is Novell Groupwise
  8. Crystal Reports (many filenames) is embedded in Interaction Client Win32 and Interaction Supervisor to run the reports
  9. SSCE5432.dll is Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine by Wintertree Software Inc.
  10. boost_regex_vc7_mdi.dll looks like the open source Boost library for regular expressions
  11. C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\InteractionFax\Mydll_NT.dll is by Black Ice Software, Inc.
  12. C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\InteractionFax\stlport_vc745.dll is the STLport Standard ANSI C++ Libarary by STLport Consulting, Inc.
  13. C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\InteractionVoiceMail\Skybound.VisualStyles.dll is Skybound VisualStyles by Skybound Software


On the CIC 2.4 server there is more:

  1. inin_libeay32.dll and inin_ssleay32.dll are part of OpenSSL
  2. PCDLIB32.DLL is Kodak Photo CD Access Developer Toolkit by Eastman Kodak
  3. swsms.dll is SimplewireSMS ActiveX Object
  4. XceedFtp.dll Xceed FTP Library


I didn’t even count any Microsoft components such as the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (found in Interaction Scripter). I am sure there are many more third party applications bundled in CIC, but my curiosity has limits. 🙂


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