Sending test emails in bulk

CIC 2.4 SU 35 doesn’t work well out of the box for email ACD sites with more than 250 emails in queue at one time. The gist: CIC opens all the emails in the ACD queue simultaneously, but Microsoft Exchange has a default limit of 250 emails. The end user notices emails get lost. It took I3 (direct support) two months to identify this as the cause of our symptoms (losing emails when CIC re-establishes a lost connection to Microsoft Exchange). Now we’re increasing the Microsoft Exchange limit and testing the solution.

To test, we need a high volume of emails. First I tried my Fedora 11’s mail/sendmail default setup, but the recipient marked the email as spam because it originates on a DSL IP address. Rather than figure out how to configure sendmail to relay emails through my ISP and hope that works, I decided to send emails through GMail, so I installed Michal Ludvig’s smtp-cli, a command line interface to send emails by SMTP in Linux. The smpti-cli web site hosts an RPM and gives the command to easily install the dependencies. Nice.

The final part is a Bash shell script to call smtp-cli 500 times (sending one SMTP email each time) through my GMail account with SSL. The script even prints out a progress as it delivers each email.

echo sending 500 emails
sleep 2s
for i in $(seq 500)
        smtp-cli --port=587 --to --subject "test $i" --body-plain test --pass=trustno1
        echo -n .

It’s interesting smtp-cli has reported a few, random errors:

Unknown welcome string: ' '
EHLO failed: ' '

So far I’ve sent 350 of the 500 emails. I hope GMail doesn’t flag me as a spammer! 🙂

Update: GMail stopped me after 486 emails with the error DATA failed: '550 5.4.5 Daily sending quota exceeded. '


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