Run CIC 2.4 clients on Windows Vista and 7

Interactive Intelligence’s CIC version 2.4 is end of life this month and does not support Windows Vista or Windows 7, but since I have a new laptop with Windows 7, I found a way to run the CIC clients natively in Windows 7 until we can upgrade to CIC 3 or 4. Just don’t expect much support from Interactive Intelligence or your VAR unless you can reproduce any problems under Windows XP.

Solution A: normal installation method

If you try to run setup.exe for Interaction Administrator on Windows 7, you may see this InstallShield error:

Error registering I3UpdateSvcU.exe.

The I3UpdateSvc is a Windows service that in Windows XP gives a non-privileged Windows account a way to update the CIC clients in c:\program files\: basically, it escalates privileges for changes in this directory. It seems this error is actually harmless because Interaction Administrator and Interaction Supervisor installed and even updated.

Earlier I saw a fatal error message in the installer, but I didn’t write it down. Later the critical error disappeared: maybe running Solution C (below) helped.

Solution B: virtual machine

Windows 7 includes Windows Virtual PC, so you can run Windows XP inside Windows 7. Though applications work perfectly and despite Microsoft’s attempts at easing integration, the experience is awkward and slow switching between the two systems.

Solution C: portable mode

The easiest solution is basically to bypass the InstallShield installer and run the CIC clients without installing them. The software runs off the CIC server in a sort-of portable mode. While you could achieve the same results copying the files from the CIC server to the client’s C:\, why not run them off the CIC server? If the network goes down for file sharing, the clients won’t work anyway (because they will disconnect from the CIC notifier).

There are a few ways to execute the commands, and one way is to create a Windows shortcut on the Windows desktop or in the start menu. To share the shortcuts with all users, you may want to put them in these paths:

  • C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
  • C:\users\public\desktop

In the following commands, replace CICSERVER with the hostname of your CIC 2.4 server:

Client name Command
Interaction Administrator \\CICSERVER\server\iashella.exe /dont_update /notifier=CICSERVER
Interaction Attendant \\CICSERVER\server\InteractionAttendantA.exe /notifier=CICSERVER
Interaction Client Win32 \\CICSERVER\server\clienta.exe /dont_update /notifier=CICSERVER
Interaction Recorder Client \\CICSERVER\server\irclienta.exe /dont_update /notifier=CICSERVER
Interaction Supervisor \\CICSERVER\server\SupervisorA.exe /dont_update /notifier=CICSERVER
Trace Viewer \\CICSERVER\server\traceviewer.exe

Interaction Scripter

Interaction Scripter is different because it requires a special Predictive Dialer COM API. Because Interaction Scripter 2.4 doesn’t ever install after ClientCOM, I sometimes run Interaction Scripter in portable mode on Windows XP, but it doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7. This is how to try:

copy \\CICSERVER\server\PredictiveDialCOM2A.dll "C:\Program Files (x86)\Interactive Intelligence"
%systemroot%\SysWoW64\regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Interactive Intelligence\PredictiveDialCOM2A.dll"
\\CICSERVER\server\InteractionScripterA.exe /dont_update /notifier=CICSERVER

The last step gives me the error:

ClientCOMa.dll initialization failed with the following error: <Class not registered> Please ensure that the correct version is installed and registered.


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